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Photography + Videography

When it comes to hiring a photographer or a videographer, you are looking for someone to INVEST in. You are taking your hard-earned money and investing it in a variety of things from the preservation of cherished memories, to a self-confidence boost, or even to marketing tools for your business. You are looking to receive a quality product in a respectable time frame that will make you buzz with excitement.


I would love to be that person that makes you smile ear-to-ear or who helps boost your sales!

I have divided the services I offer into four (super broad) categories: weddings + elopements, lifestyle, content creation, and agriculture.

If there is something special that you would like to create and you don't see offered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me! I am always up for trying something new and getting creative.

*NOTE: I do have a drone that I like to include in most video sessions as well as some photo sessions, if applicable. I cannot guarantee the use of the drone, however, as flying conditions, as well as flying restrictions, may limit the drone's ability to fly. This does not increase or decrease the price of any project.

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Weddings + Elopements

*UPDATED JAN. 29, 2022 - Only 1 spot left for 2022. Already booking into 2023!


Weddings and elopements: pretty straight-forward eh?

In all seriousness, this is a great place to explain that I have three set package options in both photography and videography: The Snaffle, The Bosal, and The Spade. Each of which is customizable of course to suit whatever needs you may have!


Engagement shoots are also available upon request at a discounted rate if you choose a wedding package. Not interested in hiring me for the wedding but still want engagement photos? Cool, we can make that happen. That being said, I do recommend that you get whoever is shooting your wedding to shoot your engagement. This gives you and your partner the chance to get to know the photographer and/or videographer. It also gives them the chance to get to know you two, too!

A couple of other quick notes for those looking to hire me for their wedding:

- Booking is first come, first serve. You are not considered to be booked until you have paid your deposit to hold your spot.

- I do charge a small mileage fee. Each package has a limit of free km included milage in its price.

Want more information and pricing?! Let's chat!



This is probably my broadest category of them all. If you read my introduction on the home page, then you know that I consider "western lifestyle" to be the real-life, big moments and everyday happenings of rural folks. From couples to portraits, to families to newborn sessions, my lifestyle category covers almost anything and everything.


I know what some of you may be thinking: "But wait Amanda... I am not western at all! So I guess I shouldn't or can't book with you." THIS IS NOT TRUE AT ALL! Yes, I love to focus on the western way of life and although a ranch family shoot or a cowboy couple session is amazing, I am happy to shoot for anyone who shares a love for rural life as I do. I get the most joy out of shooting for folks that can relate to me and I to them.


Still not sure if we are the right fit for each other? No stress, let's connect and find out! 


content creation

It is no surprise that the secret to a successful business is effective marketing. And in this day and age, it seems the best way to market our products or services is through social media. Not only that but by having appealing and attention-grabbing imagery to represent your brand. I recognize that every business is different--different products, services, goals, and resources. I get that everyone has a budget (I am a budget kinda gal) and that the content creation fund may not have a lot allocated to it all the time.


With this in mind, I like to work with business owners to custom-fit services that will align with exactly what they need and want. Do you need consistent, up-to-date content for socials? Sweet, we can start a monthly shoot subscription to keep your page fresh. Are you more interested in showcasing a special product you are about to launch? Cool, let's get that ready to showcase on socials and for your email list. Trying to improve your reel game on Insta? Let's make some reels. 


I should also note that you don't have to be local to me to have your product shot by me! I offer remote services where you send me your product and I organize the shoot (models, location, etc.) for you and send you the photos or videos along with your product when I am done. 


Whatever you are looking for, whenever you are needing it, let's figure it out together!



Though probably commonly overlooked as a necessary expense in anyone's operation, my photography or videography services could help take your ranch, publication, breeding program, grain farm, whatever, to the next level!


I have noticed that various sectors of agriculture are starting to show up more and more on social media so why not get some photos done or a video to use as content. Not on socials? No worries! My photos can also be used in sale catalogs, on business cards, posters, and so much more! Need a video put together of a 4-H event? I am your gal. Basically, the applications for my services in agriculture are plentiful.


The cherry on top is that I come from an ag background and live and breathe ranch life, so I get it. I am comfortable around animals as well as machinery. I understand and speak the lingo. So let's chat!

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